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'Moving Base' v.s 'Compass' image

'Moving Base' v.s 'Compass'

Compass is an essential component for UAV. It provides a sense of direction for UAV so that auto-pilot can be achieved. Compass is, however, a very sensitive component which can be easily compromised by external electro-magnetic field.

UAV with affected compass may lose its course and the malfunctional auto-pilot may eventually result in crash of drone. This problem has limited the usage of UAV in high electro-magnetic environment, e.g. near by high-voltage transmission tower. Besides, some operations of drone would require high precision, e.g. in terms of automated farming machine.

In most farming applications, precise path control is very important because heading angle provided by commercial compass has 3-5 degrees of bias error usually and this inaccuracy would result in unaccepted large offset in path.

Fortunately, Now we have a better choice than traditional compass, the RTK moving base technology, which can enable the UAV to move in precise planned path, even in high EM environment.

Next, I would do a step-by-step demonstration in below

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